349 (1)I’ve been on Shlichus for 18 years and have been blessed with a wonderful community, growth and challenges.Like most Shluchim I’ve experienced my share of frustrations of ‘doing it, doing it, doing it’, the day to day grind type of work that seems to be a distraction from the core Shlichus. If only there was a better way…? I’ve been so obsessed with this question that I have searched out the answers in various places, and have found tools and tips that have empowered me to be more effective as a Shliach and at the same time tools that put our Chabad House well on the road to being a world class organization. Additionally, along the way, I’ve had the opportunity to be a resource and guide for many other Shluchim, sharing my experience, exchanging ideas, and learning together. www.shlichuscoaching.com is a humble attempt to organize this effort and provide a central location where Shluchim can learn from the things that I have learned, download files and request input.

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