Consulting for your Chabad House

  • Restructuring – You are doing great work in the community. Making a big impact. But internally, things are frustrating. Your employees are not performing. You are constantly cleaning up mistakes. Should you hire or fire? How do you get things running smoothly in the office so you can focus, not be burdened by minutia and so that you can make the greatest impact. I can help you analyze your office staff. Do you have the right people in the right position? Do you have a good Organizational Structure? Time for change? Click below to discuss further.
  • Conflict Resolution – Lack of communication is the #1 cause for conflict. Let me help facilitate conversation between you and the other party and let’s get everybody onto the same page. If we don’t get resolution we will get clarity about the actions of each party and the consequences of not getting onto the same page. This is facilitation not mediation. Are you ready to get this taken care of once and for all? Click below to discuss further.
  • Employee Management – They didn’t teach us in Yeshiva how to manage our employees. It’s time you learned! Whether it is a Shliach Oseh Shliach or a secretary, there is a format that works for Employee Management. I’ll hold your hand as you learn it. From meetings, to personal time for each employee, you’ll learn and activate a much better operation. Want to show up with a coffee and a smile each morning? Click below to discuss further.

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