Facilitating Your Conference or Retreat

Conference Facilitation

Engage your team on a whole new level.

My experience in facilitating focused meeting and retreats can make your team gatherings more powerful and promote engaged participation—whether it’s a leadership team retreat, advisory board meeting, organization-wide conference, or department problem-solving session.

Conference Presentation

If you are running a retreat or conference, you want to engage your participants in meaningful learning that they’ll take home with them. Utilizing new approaches and open space technology I can facilitate or present at your next conference on any of the subjects I coach on.

  • FriendshipCircle

I’ll help you:

  • Articulate goals for the meeting —the tangible and intangible outcomes
  • Determine what information will be needed before the meeting
  • Design a logical flow that will create the richest context for decision-making
  • Assemble the tools and processes that will support the group’s work
  • Facilitate the meeting, keeping the group on track and the overall goal in sight, while making space for the unexpected or the valuable tangent
  • Document the proceedings in a format that makes it easy for you to share with other parts of the organization


Recent Conferences Facilitated

  • 2 Day exploration of ways to increase attendance at Jewish Day School – Avi Chai/Kohelet
  • Friendship Circle Annual Conference in New Jersey


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