My Chabad House CFO

My Chabad House CFO, Inc. is a service designed to serve Shluchim with budgets $500k or less.  As our name reflects our goal is to serve as your CFO! That means we’ll handle all your bookkeeping, accounts payable and credit card reconciliation.  PLUS working with Rabbi Eliyahu Schusterman, who has 20 years of Chabad House management experience, we will be providing as part of our package we’ll provide budgeting services including monthly reports of the health of your budget and guidance for your projections for the upcoming month(s).

Let us do the financial management work so you can focus on your Shlichus!

My Chabad House CFO’s customer is someone who wants to benefit from the accounting services AND the budgeting aspects as well.  In this way the accounting actually benefits the Shliach in their fundraising and in creating fiscal stability.


  • Basic Bookkeeping
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Accounts Payable including all bill Pay
  • Credit Card Reconciliation


  • Reminders to plan your programming year
  • Build the Annual Budget
  • Give you monthly reports pointing out where your income/expense are against your budget
  • Give you advance instruction monthly regarding donors and other revenue sources to help focus your energies to ensure financial stability

Other services:

  • Reviewed Books
  • Certified Books
  • Filing with the IRS for your Mosad if needed
  • Payroll Service


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