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Have you been on Shlichus 10 years or more? Are you feeling that dream of your Shlichus is buried under the day to challenges of Chabad House Management? Do you feel like you’re ready to be the CEO but you lack the tools to do so? Do you have employees that you can’t seem to maximize their potential? The answer is here!


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Join our 6 month, weekly Chabad House Founders Group.

A weekly guided round table with other Shluchim in your boat. Bring your challenges to the table, get guidance and find accountability to make the changes you have needed to make. Learn from other Chabad House Founders* challenges, successes, dilemmas.

As a group we’ll face the issues challenging your Chabad House, issues like financial management, fundraising, vision, team management, accountability, and much more.

You get the chance to put your big issues on the table and at the same time to provide guidance to others from the successes you’ve had.  Thus strengthening your accountability and commitment.

There will only be a limited number of Shluchim in this group to ensure best results and we will be putting together a select group of Shluchim based on personality.

The group is facilitated and guided by Eliyahu Schusterman, Shliach and Coach to many Shluchim with over 19 years of Coaching experience.

Cost for the program is $500 per month, which includes 1 hour of coaching.

If you are interested in an application please click here.



*The term Chabad House Founder means refers to the Head Shliach of the Chabad House as opposed to the Shliach Oseh Shliach.

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