Shmully Rothman

Eliyahu knows the reality of Chabad House fundraising in the current fiscal state of the economy. Eliyahu was of the first Shluchim to embrace the recent financial changes (2008) and actively encouraged and coached other Shluchim to turn their fundraising challenges into new opportunities.

Constantly on the forefront of working “smart” instead of working “hard”, Eliyahu runs an efficient and financially sound Moisad. I am inspired by Eliyahu’s bold step of sharing his knowledge, experience and mentor-ship to assist other Shluchim in their pursuit of greater Hatzlocho, all the while, minimizing the Agmas Nefesh that comes along with the process.
Eliyahu plays the role of a local Shliach, fully committed to his community. At the same time, Eliyahu has a passion for improving the world wide efforts of Shluchim and their Mosdos, on a global scale.

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