See what other shluchim had to say about their work with Rabbi Schusterman.

  • Levi Schectman – Machon L’Shlichus/Chabad at Wesleyan

    I feel Eliyahu brings a clear sense of direction and clarity to the bigger picture. He cuts out all the clutter and haze to bring the vision into view with real and concrete steps to make it happen.
  • Shmully Rothman

    Eliyahu knows the reality of Chabad House fundraising in the current fiscal state of the economy. Eliyahu was of the first Shluchim to embrace the recent financial changes (2008) and actively encouraged and coached other Shluchim to turn their fundraising challenges into new opportunities. Constantly on the forefront of working “smart” instead of working “hard”, Eliyahu runs an efficient and financially sound Moisad. I am inspired by Eliyahu’s bold step of sharing his knowledge, experience and mentor-ship to assist other Shluchim in their pursuit of greater Hatzlocho, all the while, minimizing the Agmas Nefesh that comes along with the process. Eliyahu plays the role of a local Shliach, fully committed to his community. At the same time, Eliyahu has a passion for improving the world wide efforts of Shluchim and their Mosdos, on a global scale.
  • Y. Y. Hodakov – Chabad of Westville

    My conversations with you gave me the sense that you had a clear way of thinking through situations, and if I would give it enough time and thought I could actually pull my life together.
  • Moshe Lieblich – Chabad of Wilmington

    The advice I got and continue to get completely changed my focus, approach and perspective. It has helped me focus on what is important, prioritize correctly and be more organized. I am more motivated than ever to take on the challenges I face on a constant basis, from organizing events to fundraising.
  • Ruvi New – Chabad Boca Beaches

    If you are ready to have an honest assessment of your Moisad and are open to re-thinking , re-creating, re- inventing the way you do things to make your Moisad more focused, more goal oriented and fiscally healthier, you need Rabbi Schusterman!
  • Shlame Landa – Chabad of Fairfield

    You have helped me prioritize my time and develop a systematic approach of fundraising. Our Ayeka calls give me the motivation and tools to hit the phones.
  • Anonymous

    His direction has helped me gain clarity in my Shlichus. Now I know that I am about to fall off a cliff. Maybe I’ll be able to hang glide down instead of crashing.
  • Yosef Kalmanson – The Jewish Discovery Center

    Eliyahu is a master coach. He is a clear thinker, organized, and purposeful. He works with Shluchim to artfully strategize, craft an action plan, and implement an effective execution. Eliyahu comes from a place of strength as he holds your feet to the fire, minimizing procrastination.
  • Rabbi Fischer – Chabad of Augusta

    Eliyahu’s coaching holds me accountable to achieve my objectives and pushes me to think and actually go “out of the box.”

    As he, in his Shlichus, shares many of the same issues that I face, he is in a unique position to challenge some of my assumptions and recognize some of my weaknesses, and point me in a better direction. His vast experience in this field, bring much expertise to our coaching sessions. Yet, he prods us along with sensitivity and care.
  • Hillel Blesofsky – OYY Boys School, UK

    Thanks for the ongoing coaching. you have helped me put my fundraising tasks in order and the results are BH coming in. There is now a destination to arrive at rather than just an endless grind. Your structure and organization is (hopefully) contagious and I am slowly learning to work that way.
  • Rabbi Dov Drizin – Valley Chabad

    It’s always good to have a brother in law who is “The go to guy” when it comes to organizing and planning for success” In all seriousness Eliyahu has been an invaluable partner in my journey towards a more effective Shlichus! What I love about Eliyahu is his laser sharp focus and ability to see the long term picture. As a Shliach himself he understands very well the heart of the struggle.